Boiler Repairs Services

At GMBE we assist the client to conduct boiler inspection that includes full evaluation and analysis of the damage. We will then recommend the type of boiler operation, maintenance and repair. Boiler repairs including installation and replacement of related corresponding and pressure parts tubes of which forms the main core of our business.

Retubing of Boilers
Global Marine’s retubing services of boilers cover both the main and auxiliary units with specific reference to marine plant which can be completed on either on voyage basis, or while the vessel is undergoing scheduled dry docking repairs.

Boiler tube bending/fabrication at our very own construction facilities
Global Marine house its own modern workshop for the manipulation and fabrication of all boiler tubes, economisers and superheater assemblies. This includes all boiler types and models from various manufacturers. Tubes can either be fabricated from the original construction drawings or in the event that these are not available, drawings made as a result of our comprehensive site inspection. This also involves complete fabrication & retubing for all kinds of economizer or entire new boiler supply and tailor made to accommodate the new steam system.

Comprehensive Boiler tube material supply includes component parts
In addition, Global Marine undertakes the supply of other boiler pressure part components, including steam drums, water drums, headers, downcomers, hand hole and inspection door assemblies.

Refractory and Insulation Work
The two main causes of refractory deterioration are slagging and spalling. Slag develops when ash and other unburnable materials react with the brickwork. In some cases, the ash content of fuel oil is low but there will be sufficient present to damage the refractories. The most common slag-forming materials are vanadium salts and sodium chloride. When the slag that forms on the brickwork accumulates, it will not cause any substantial damage. However, when it peels off or melts it runs off taking some refractory with it where a fresh layer of refractory will be required to further damaged.

Sectional Repair
In most cases, the entire boiler can be repaired and may not need to be replaced.

Global Marine will first access the damage and structural integrity of the boiler to determine whether it is feasible to repair or do an overhaul. Depending on the degree of damage and if the structural integrity is still intact, Global marine will be able to customize and carry out the repair work needed to a particular section of the boiler.

Surveys & Inspections
At any parts of the world, our highly qualified team of experienced personnel offer a comprehensive inspection and reporting service for Industrial & Marine boiler plants, turbines, steam chests, valves etc. using the latest state-of-the-art inspection equipment and procedures.

Fibre Optic Inspections
Apart from normal visual inspection, internal tube inspections are conducted using specialized industrial fibre optic equipment which is fitted with a video copy processor capable of recording and printing any frame displayed on the screen.

Reports & Inspections
The reports generated from inspections can form the basis of repair specifications. It can also be used for classification and underwriting requirements not to mention that the database can be used for future condition monitoring. The reports are all submitted on a CD-Rom and General Marine Plant can be surveyed using Thermo Graphic Analysis. An infrared assessment of the boiler external shell when it is under steaming condition, a very cost effective way of checking and identifying the areas of combustion leakage for immediate rectification.