Condenser & Heat Exchanger Services

GMBE also specializes in the repair and restoration of the following:
· Main Condensers
· Auxiliary Condensers
· Feed Heaters
· Cargo Heaters
· Jacket Water Coolers
· Oil Coolers
· Flash Evaporators

We have various sizes and grades of fully certified materials such as:
· Copper Alloys
· Carbon Steels
· Inconnel
· Stainless Steels
· Titanium


Global Marine’s highly skilled technicians can carry out total retubing of the main and auxiliary condensers, feed heaters, cargo heaters, jacket water coolers and oil coolers.

Tube Inserts

Global Marine are able to restore failed units to full working order where the defect is known to be tube end corrosion or erosion by using the “tube insert method.”


Inspections can be carried out by a team of technicians prior to repairs with the aid of full colour video optic equipment to determine pitting abrasion and isolated corrosion.