Steel Work Services

GMBE had carried out numerous projects involving the direct replacement of damaged or corroded steelworks in various classes of vessels. For example:

Fuel tank top repair
Deck steel plate renewal
New system structure support fabrication
Various Water & Hydrofoil tanks repair
Fabrication of various steelwork components such as Water Tight Door, Sea Water Strainer, Control Stand & others

Riding team

Global Marine had deployed steel repair teams to sail on ships for many years with a sound knowledge and understanding of this aspect of marine engineering and ship repair. All teams are lead by a Repair Manager and all jobs are also supervised and coordinated via the head office.

Global Marine Pressure Coded Welders

In order to be qualified, our welders have been through stringent training. They are trained under different sets of environment and being exposed to various types of materials and electrodes. Each welder will go through a series of stimulated test under different welding conditions with different materials and welding consumables. They are then presented to the respective Classification Society & Statutory Board for approval. Our Welders are also subjected to re-validation training & test every 12 months and prior to being assigned to a project to help maintain our standard of quality control.