Turnkey Project

We carried out the Modification of Auxiliary Engine Fuel Oil Supply System, the Installation of Reverse Osmosis Plant System as well as the Modifications of Balconies Dividers.

Modification Of Auxiliary Engine Fuel Oil Supply System

Adopted in 1997 and ratifed in 2004, Marpol Annex VI regulations entered into force on 19 May 2005. The regulations establish a cap of 4.5% on marine fuel surplus levels and provide for the establishment of Sox emission Control Areas (SECAs) where sulphur levels are limited to 1.5% unless alternate methods are used to control Sox emission.

Global Marine had done fleets of container vessels with projects on modification of auxiliary engine fuel oil piping system in according to Marpol Annex VI requirements. New installation of additional Progessive Cavity Pump, flow meters were modified in parallel mode to the existing fuel oil supply system for the low sulphur content fuel medium.

Installation Of Reverse Osmosis Plant System

Global marine had set up entire Reverse Osmosis Plant System including strong base foundation fabrication and running new stainless steel & CPVC piping to provide portable technical water for passenger vessel.

Modifications of Balconies Dividers

At Global Marine, we have the facilities to fabricate and modify cruise ship’s balconies dividers aluminum sliding doors and windows based on the new requirements by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requiring that furniture on cabin balconies be of restricted fire risk and that partitions separating balconies be constructed with non-combustible materials.

To comply with new requirement of SOLARS, existing balconies partition made of duromer laminate or acrylic in-filled with polyfoam materials must be removed. They can either be replaced with Non-combustible Aluminum plate or with an entirely new non-combustible balconies divider.