Our Services

Boiler Repairs Services

At GMBE we assist the client to conduct boiler inspection that includes full evaluation and analysis of the damage. We will then recommend the type of boiler operation, maintenance and repair. Boiler repairs including installation and replacement of related corresponding and pressure parts tubes of which forms the main core of our business.

Condenser & Heat Exchanger Services

GMBE also specializes in the repair and restoration of the following:
· Main Condensers
· Auxiliary Condensers
· Feed Heaters
· Cargo Heaters
· Jacket Water Coolers
· Oil Coolers
· Flash Evaporators

Pipe Work System Design & Installation Services

We offer full pipe work system design and installation service. Pipe work systems for grey / black water, ballast water management, cooling water, hydraulic control systems and firefighting systems. We are specialized in using Georgfischer piping system in revamping existing water piping system & installation of entire new system for ships.

Steel Work Services

GMBE had carried out numerous projects involving the direct replacement of damaged or corroded steelworks in various classes of vessels.

Turnkey Project

We carried out installation of new exhaust stack, Installation of CDR for scrubber project, Modification of Auxiliary Engine Fuel Oil Supply System, the Installation of Reverse Osmosis Plant System as well as the Modifications of Balconies Dividers & etc.