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Boiler Repairs Services

At GMBE we assist client to conduct boiler assessment inspection that includes comprehensive evaluation with analysis mechanical examination to determine the extend of the repair requirement.


GMBE offers mechanical boiler repair services on all type of boilers, including Main and Auxiliary Boilers, waste heat recovery boilers and economizers. We are able to provide evaluation based on technical findings with various Non Destructive Testing methods to determine the extend of the repairs or maintenance.

Boiler Tube Bending / Fabrication

GMBE houses its own modern workshop for the handling and fabrication of boiler tubes to profile, economizers and superheater assemblies. This includes all boiler types and models from various manufacturers.

Boilers Retubing

Depending on the boiler type, we will be able to perform a full or a sectional repair of boiler tubing. This can be carried out either at sea passage or within the drydock respectively with the type of boilers.

Refractory/ Insulation Works/ Others

As a full boiler service provider, we are able to reinstate required refractories and insulation works. GMBE has also repaired many of the related components like sootblowers, casing repairs, desuperheaters, attemperators, handholes, manholes, etc

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